Visual Studio color schemes – Its time for a makeover

Posted in Tips, Visual Studio by Sumit Thomas on March 23, 2011

http://studiostyl.es/ is a great website where you can browse for hundreds of color schemes to change the background and text colors of your Visual Studio IDE. It works for both Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. You can also create and submit your own scheme or download and rate schemes submitted by others.

Once you have picked your favorite scheme, download it to your Visual Studio settings folder C:\Users\[user_name]\Documents\visual studio 2010\settings

To apply the scheme go to Tools -> Import and Export Settings menu and follow these steps

Once you complete the steps, you will see a brand new color scheme applied to your Visual Studio text editor.

Now don’t be surprised if you find a fellow developer’s Visual Studio with a Barbie girl scheme 😉

StyleCop 4.5 Beta is out!

Posted in C#, Microsoft, Tips, Visual Studio by Sumit Thomas on March 21, 2011

You can download it @ http://stylecop.codeplex.com/releases/view/62209

If you are not aware of StyleCop, it is an open source static code analysis tool from Microsoft which helps developers analyse their C# code for conformance to StyleCop recommended coding styles and it works at the source code level.

For more information on this community driven project visit http://stylecop.codeplex.com/

Retweet button for your WordPress.com blog

Posted in Tips by Sumit Thomas on December 17, 2009

[tweetmeme style=”compact”]Wordpress.com blogs does not allow you to add plugins so here is a simple way to add Retweet buttons to your blog posts.

<a href="http://api.tweetmeme.com/share?url=[Your Blog post's URL]&service=[URL Shortening service]"><img align="left" style="border-style:none;" src="http://api.tweetmeme.com/imagebutton.gif?url=[Your Blog post's URL]&service=[URL Shortening service]" alt="" width="51" height="61" /></a>

You will get a nice button like this Retweet

align=”left” will left align the button in your paragraph.

style=”border-style:none;” removes the border around the retweet button that may be applied in some WordPress.com blog themes.

service=[URL Shortening service] is optional but I would recommend it. URL Shortening service will generate a shorter url that fits well in the twitter textbox. You can use URL Shorteners such as bit.ly, tinyurl.com etc.


There is a better way!